Jersey City Day Trippers evolved from a winter pipe dream that longed for the warmth of sun-filled days and the fun of summer nights. The mission is simple: Provide convenient and affordable transport, all while initiating and facilitating a unique and unforgettable travel experience.

I dig trains but the trek from my hometown, Jersey City, to my favorite spot down the shore, Asbury Park, leaves much to be desired. Three trains later and we’re still a mile from the beach. That got me thinking… Why can’t the trip between both cities be as unique, fun and entertaining as the cities themselves? Little time passed before I thought of a host of other fun-filled destinations equally distinct and desirable as a day spent in the City by the Sea. I added a school bus and some quirky perks for good measure and created an intoxicating cocktail that’s equal parts fun, nostalgia, convenience and affordability. Don’t miss the bus.

Christopher Englese, Founder