Maggie May - Jersey City Day Trippers

“Maggie May”, our hip whip of art on wheels, is a Bluebird Vision School Bus with original red, leather seats and wood-panel siding. Rich with nostalgia and comfort, Maggie May has space for 41 Day Trippers. Painted by local, Jersey City artist Norm Kirby, her macromatic and color exterior are a modern take on razzle dazzle battleships and the yachts painted by artist Jeff Koons: on a much tighter budget. If you don’t know either, I suggest you ask google shortly.

Affectionately named after my mom, “Maggie May” comes equipped with A/C, free WiFi, USB charging stations, seasonal amenity and bike rack space rentals, drink holders, sweet tunes, and wonderful company. There’s ambient lighting to light the way during the evening hours, space for personal items, and seat belts to keep you nice and tucked in. Our Trip Master will greet you with a smile, information on local discounts for boarding “Maggie May”, a wristband, and answer any questions you have. Expect prizes, schwag and surprises along the way: that may or may not include singing and a mic. We can’t wait for you to meet her.